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RADION Expansion  


With effect from 1 Sep 2009, Mr Bruce Kou Thao will be joining RADION International as our Director Of Operations (USA). He will be pioneering the awareness and assisting with the charity setup in the states to support our outreach efforts in Thailand.

Mr Bruce Thao is no stranger to RADION, in fact he has served a summer term with RADION right in Khek Noi Thailand as part of his PhD program internship. Bruce has teared with us, labored alongside us into late nights and now he is jumping on-board to be our ambassador among the Hmong Americans back in the states.

Bruce Kou Thao is the first generation of Hmong who were born and raised and America. Both his parents fled persecution during the Vietnam War in Laos and lived in Thai refugee camps in 1975 before being repatriated to the United States. Bruce is now pursuing his 2nd Masters and a PhD in Social Work at the University of Chicago.

If you're in the states and would wish to contact Bruce to speak at your organisation/church/school, you can reach him at bruce.thao@radion-international.org

RADION International USA :

Radion International
P.O. Box 15274
Chicago, IL 60615

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