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Ups & Downs In Ministry  


I guess we all have ups and downs in our lives. I guess this is one of those which is down.

It was really discouraging as we are sparing no effort to make a difference to help others. Instead we have old friends who come up to discourage us with personal attacks and gory hearsay without concrete proof.

Some of my advisers have asked me to sue him for defamation as this has been a repeated torn in our flesh. More repeatedly, people have asked me to just give up on this friendship but I stubbornly choose to attempt to fix it by getting a hold on myself and try to make things work.

Many times, "evil thoughts" run through my mind on getting even but taking their dirty laundry out. But I reminded myself, if I stoop as low as them, what difference does it make of me.

Guess this is a good training for me as well.

Many times when we encounter such incidents, it makes you want to give up. But as I look at the 8200 lives which I'm making a difference.... I get a new burst of strength to continue.

What next?

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